The Fire This Time

February 20, 2022, Bullhead City- Someone I know, an hour south of here, suffered second-degree burns from a misfiring gas-powered grill. A bit sore, but being tough as nails, the friend told me of how a neighbour with training in such matters got the blaze under control and treated his wounds.

Once I had ascertained that he was not suffering from any aftershock, we talked for a while about Ukraine/Russia. If that powder keg goes off, it could go in any direction. I’ve been told by others to keep my mouth shut about the matter, that it is partisan politics and not the business of anyone who is sincere about world peace.

I beg to differ. This is one planet, one human race. Those who cherry pick which group of people to support, and whom to ignore, are flying a false flag. While it is ultimately up to forces beyond our understanding and control, as to what transpires in eastern Europe, and in east Asia, for that matter, we turn a blind eye to human suffering at our own peril.

“And the second is like, namely this, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”- Mark 12:32

It is perhaps ironic, maybe fortuitous, or just serendipitous, that two of the areas I have been told by my spirit guides to visit this year, Canada and east central Europe, are experiencing winds of turmoil. I know, I know, it has nothing to do with little old me. It may be that the latter area will be off limits to anyone without portfolio, in the months ahead. It may also be that, in some yet unknown way this October, I will end up in western Poland, looking over the area where my maternal grandfather’s forebears lived, before their emigration and that I will locate a friend in Croatia, whom I’ve known online since the mid-2000s. It also could be that no one is going anywhere. I leave it all to the Higher Power.

One thing remains, though: The fire this time, with apologies to the great James Baldwin, will require all of us to extinguish it.

4 thoughts on “The Fire This Time

    • Ukraine was the original seat of the tsars, in what was known as Kievan Rus. Gradually, Russia moved its seat of government to St. Petersburg, then to Moscow. Ukrainian is similar to Russian, in the way that Old English was related to German. Russian rulers have historically regarded the Ukraine as part of Russia. However, Ukraine was created as a separate Soviet republic, as was Belarus, in order to give the Soviet bloc more votes in the United Nations General Assembly. Ukrainians have come to like their separate nationhood-much as Canadians like being separate from the United States, or Austria likes being independent of Germany.

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  1. You are so right – we are all in this together (whether we want to acknowledge it or not). The world has shrunk and what happens in Europe and Asia will affect everyone. I do hope your injured friend can get the medical attention needed so that there are is no permanent damage from his burns… I am hoping to do a little traveling too! Sparky has his eye on Hawaii and BC, Canada… but time will tell if either of those destinations can happen.

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