The Day of Six Twos

February 22, 2022- Today was given the moniker, “Twosday”, for the numerical palindrome and ambigram it serves up. A palindrome, of course, looks the same when written either frontwards or backwards. An ambigram, on a calculator, looks the same whether right side up , or upside down.

Astrologers find shifts in energy happen on such a day; scientists, not so much. Today did not seem to bring any of the seismic events that similar palindromic days have in the past-such as the deaths of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josef Stalin. Then, too, this year has a distinct feminine energy flow to it, the behaviour of Vladimir Putin aside.

My day was also quiet- gathering forms for my tax return, and missing one key part, which will be retrieved tomorrow; exercising and getting laundry done, followed by two Baha’i gatherings on Zoom. It was said there would be snowfall by evening. We await that to come to fruition, and thus I refrained from taking on any work for tomorrow. Arizona weather is noted for two things: Sameness and occasional last-minute surprises. Either one could define tomorrow.

There does seem to be a slight energy shift, however, and it would do my heart good to see a boomerang effect, back towards peaceful resolution of geopolitical wrangling.

12 thoughts on “The Day of Six Twos

  1. “… the behavior of Vladimir Putin aside.” The day, for me, was lazy yet fun. It was eventful with TWOSDAY, Taco Tuesday, and National Margarita Day. The gods work in serendipitous ways, as these events seemed to go together. I stayed at home and made faux tacos and drank seltzer water with powdered True Lime as an homage to the Taquila classic. Oh, and lest we forget, it was TuTu Twosday. I did not celebrate the tutu as I fugued I had done my commemorative best with faux tacos and phony Margaritas.

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  2. I expect you will have wakened to a wintry day — we had another storm go through last night, with thunder & lightning, hail, heavy rain, and snow down to 2,000 feet! It’s clear and cold this morning — the storm has left us and moved on towards you!

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