Everyone’s Earth

April 22, 2022- It’s been fifty-two years since environmental activists gathered, en masse, to protest the policies that contributed to the Santa Barbara oil spill, which happened less than a year earlier.

We have, as a species, gone back and forth on the environment vs. economics issue, over these past many years, and a relative handful of entrepreneurs have engaged in “greenwashing” practices, which look like they are contributing to the improvement of the environment, but do little or nothing to actually help things along. There is also the microplastics aspect, to say nothing of their larger refuse, which has considerable long-term validity, in that the residue of plastics does settle in the stomachs of people and animals, finding its way into the bloodstreams and tissue, of those who ingest it. We can be more discerning, in dealing with the former. The latter, by contrast, will take much more research, as to how to safely capture microscopic plastic residue, store it, reverse engineer it into a usable fuel, and so on.

In the meantime, we have many tasks ahead, in saving both the Earth and ourselves. Alternative sources of energy are in their relative childhood, as electric cars are still prohibitively expensive for a good many people, disposal of spent batteries for such vehicles needs to be addressed-as does the safe disposal of the rare metals that go into such batteries. Every innovation that helps relieve one problem has its drawbacks that need to be addressed, preferably before the innovation becomes a mass-produced item.

That said, there is no place for throwing up our hands and just continuing down the road that we’ve been bumping along, for the next century or more. Every energy-wasting practice needs to be evaluated, and either reformed or discarded, based on the availability of viable alternative practices. Thankfully, there are solutions, some yet not articulated or made practicable, which will go along way towards alleviating the distress of the planet once the bugs are worked out.

Tonight and tomorrow night, I will man a shelter for those fleeing a sizable wildfire, southeast of town. During the day tomorrow, it’ll be time to help man a couple of booths at the community’s Earth Day event. I will cat-nap my way around these and have time to rest afterward.

As a one-time psychedelic band advised in the late ’60s: “Wake up, it’s tomorrow.”

4 thoughts on “Everyone’s Earth

  1. I do agree that people are trying to do something about climate change — electric cars may eventually be a good step in the right direction, but in their infancy there are some serious issues with them.. You mentioned some, but there are some others that seem to go unvoiced — 1) EV’s need to download their electric charge, which is most often generated in traditional ways, thus the use of electric power is simply an additional use of electric power, requiring greater use of the petroleum products they purport to eliminate. 2) Additionally, with a platform of batteries in the under-carriage of an EV, if the car should be seriously damaged in an accident, the possibility of fire is much greater than with a gasoline-powered car. When these two issues are resolved, I might consider the use of an EV, but for now I believe they still belong on test tracks. I have similar concerns about the self-driven EV’s that are now showing up on the roads — I think there’s a long way to go before I would consider them to be safe.

    In the meantime, I agree that each of us must do what we can to enhance our production of alternative sources of power (wind, solar, eventually possibly nuclear), and to minimize our production of non-compostable waste of whatever source (including carbon emissions)

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    • You have brought up two points that bear serious consideration: EVs are best powered by either solar means or by nuclear fusion. The low carriage of an EV means that it would be a safety hazard on unpaved or poorly-maintained roads. These issues can’t be simply “kicked down the road”-no pun intended.


  2. I’m making small changes as best I can. One that has seen the most improvement is trying to avoid plastic packaging. I’m buying more unwrapped produce and of course Sparky is planting a garden again thus eliminating plastic bags of greens!

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