May 10, 2022- My teeth are far more viable than they were when I resumed regular dental care, eleven years ago. Too much information, perhaps, but I mention today’s good report as a way of looking at viability-in its purest sense, the state of working with a natural system to strengthen it and provide mutual benefit to all stakeholders-both human and other life forms.

Viability is said to differ from sustainability, in that some view the latter as a process that comes with built-in limits. I see sustainability as a step on the road to viability. For example, an area of land is set aside as a nature preserve, with a small local herd of cattle “grandfathered in” as participants in the preserve’s activities. This is an act of sustainability. The gradual phasing out of grazing, and the preserve’s natural ecosystem adapting to it, represents an arrival at viability.

There are bound to be setbacks, along the road to this condition of stasis, which is why a mindset of sustainability is needed, at several points along the way. Simply put, as is often said, it is the journey that matters, as much if not more than, the destination.

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