More Clean Bills

June 2, 2022- Doc says I am in mint condition. Intuition tells me to get more into Asian and Mediterranean cuisines, and of course, increase water intake. Exercise is still a high priority. It seems that all I am doing, with a view towards a strong approach to the Diamond Jubilee, in 3.5 years’ time, is on target. I’m glad of it.

My phone and all-in-one printer are connected to the new modem. Desk drawer in my office space is organized and Saturn (the car) Vue will have its day of TLC tomorrow. So too will my clothes closet and outside storage shed. A number of tools will be off to a new home, on Sunday.

I am told by some that the Saturn (the planet) retrograde is an influencer along these lines. There are just as many who scoff at such things. All I know is that I am feeling the energy to concentrate on getting things together around Home Base, seeing as I will be focused on other things, in little more than a week.

Positive energy was back today, and seems likely to stick around, for quite some time.

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