The Return of Sparkle

June 8, 2022- This will be a short one, folks. The heat took a fair amount out of me today, and I am on a nettles and shepherd’s purse tea regimen, twice a day. This works as an astringent that will tighten up my still ample belly. Any work on one’s system is a challenge in the heat. I also visited the chiropractor, for a monthly adjustment and had a short workout at Planet Fitness, so I guess decrepitude is in the mind of the challenged.

I was most pleased to get the bathroom sink sparkly clean-and unclogged. Both were a simple matter, involving Barkeep’s Friend Cleanser, a scouring pad and a small brush (to clean the corners of the sink stopper. Sparkle is just good for the soul.

The last thing I had to clarify was just how much stuff I will bring with me, on the next journey. The POW memorabilia will stay in secure storage-save the framed medals, which will be transported by secure means. Yes, when it comes to other people’s stuff, I am bigger on security.

Having said that much, I actually feel better. Have a restful night, everyone!

2 thoughts on “The Return of Sparkle

  1. Sounds like a good start to your travels! I always feel better when I leave the house clean – so that when I return it is all spotless (and one less thing to have to do upon returning)!

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    • There is also the voice of my mother in the background: “What if somebody came into the house and saw a mess?” The only one who would is my landlord-the King of Clutter, but still, it reflects on me.


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