No Limits

August 19, 2022- Four of us spent a couple of hours, this afternoon, going over the process of evaluating buildings as potential Red Cross shelters. Most of our area’s needs, in that regard, stem from wildfire; but there are times when floods and snowstorms create sheltering needs. Flagstaff, some ninety miles northeast of us, is experiencing flood emergencies, often several times a week, due to this year’s bountiful rains-which were preceded by harrowing fires. Prescott has had its share of both, in years past, as well.

I have been asked, by concerned friends and family, WHEN I will devote myself to full retirement. The answer probably lies in my health and clear-mindedness. When those fade, so will my activity. Until then, I enjoy the presence of children, helping out in the community and learning new skills-such as the above-mentioned logistics. So I will continue helping out in classrooms and working in the community, on a regular basis. Besides, now I have an auto loan to pay down.

The late Carmine Moschella, a fixture in the hometown of my youth for well over seventy years, was a prime example of working at something of benefit to self and others, nearly to the time of his death. So was A.C. Fellman, Penny’s paternal grandfather, inventor of the Fellman Boot, a staple of the U. S. Navy’s World War II maritime uniform. Countless others, many still living, have remained productive and in a learning mode, well into their 90s, if not into their second century.

Now I want to flip this post a bit, and give a shout out to all girls and young women who are taking up the study and practice of trades like aviation, carpentry, electricity, plumbing, welding and automotive mechanics. There is nothing that says a person with good eye-hand coordination, a keen attention span, and pride in work has to be limited in field of endeavour. If there are male nurses, flight attendants, fashion models and office workers, so there can, and should, be female tradespeople.

I once had the opportunity to foster a young woman’s interest in the building trades. It came down to spending money on renovating a house, in which she would be a key worker, or using the funds to help someone get surgery. I chose the latter, and as much good as that did for my friend, I have regrets at not having been able to help the lady get practical experience in several trades. Somehow, I sense that she has gone on, and done quite well in that regard.

Age and sex are not intended to be limits a human’s progress.

10 thoughts on “No Limits

  1. I would first ask two questions — a) what is full retirement, and b) why is it anybody’s business when you will reach that stage, whatever it might be. For some, full retirement means not being tied to a daily work requirement, but being able to work when you want to. It does not necessarily mean becoming a couch potato who sits at home and never does anything constructive! To my mind, you have retired from full-time teaching, and are now enjoying subbing and doing other activities that are equally enjoyable to you and helpful in your community. I think your answer regarding when you will retire is quite appropriate, and similar to the response I had to the same question when I was working — I told people I would retire when I was ready to do so. As to why it’s anybody’s business but your own — it isn’t! In my case, it was because I had built a successful sales territory, and others wanted to capture pieces of that territory — because success was measured on incremental growth, there wasn’t much more to build — I hope others enjoyed the effort it took!

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    • Exactly! I am more than glad to pass certain batons on to younger people. Certainly, working with emotionally disabled, violent students fits that category, as does working under politically-motivated and vindictive supervisors.


  2. I wish I could keep my mouth shut at times. Sadly, some people can’t keep their toys to themselves. I used to be quiet and terrified.

    As far as women go, those are attainable jobs for many. One of my aids was a jack of all trades, could put together a sink, toilet, fix stuff, and yet she was batted down to think that I was superior because I knew science topics and read. I am worth nothing. Many pop singers are worth nothing, yet they treat people horrible and are grandiose about themselves. I kind of wish college kids would figure this out and not major in ‘Gender Studies.” What will give you worth in reality, both male and female? I have a lot to say to the editors of our brains and society.


    I’ve been in male fields and just don’t want to deal with it again. It’s a personal thing. I’m done with that. I don’t have the character nor the ability to assert and dominate them. It’s difficult to get a man to listen to a woman, too, especially the younger ones. They grunt, “Is she going to go crazy or get pregnant like all the others?…” was a question they bet on in one job. Men will respect a woman who is truly an alpha and can actually do the job properly. There was one strong woman in that job but everyone else moved to different spaces. I eventually ended up in the mailroom. Then I went to the funny farm. You don’t want to deny the few women who can do it, I don’t think. It’s a nightmare that pops up.

    I don’t believe women should be in combat units on the front lines. Why? Because when I went to basic training over half of the females had a “W” on their helmets for “weak.” This mark meant that they could probably not throw a live grenade out of the boundaries and the drill sergeant should be prepared to save them. We get injured quicker. And you have that one I don’t know what to think of.

    I don’t think women should go down this trail just to do it. You have to truly want to do it, have the guts, the willpower and the drive of picking that path because you know it’s you.

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    • I agree that the only limitations should stem from one’s skills sets and interests. I have no desire to ever work as an accountant or as a phlebotomist, but give me a young person who needs guidance and I’m game.


  3. I think they should have to take a test that will never exist. Do you want to vomit while being covered in oil, sniffing up the fumes, while checking gauges? Clean the bilge, my fav. You’ll sweat through your workclothes while being screamed at to move faster after working for over 12 hours? I do appreciate the lesson that I did learn in that job and that’s that you can sleep around all the engines and smells, and you won’t hear a thing because you are too tired. The higher up levels had to do and know so much more. That was my Hell job that I did just to be hardcore. That’s the place the devil is putting me when I die. There were like eight 88L females. In an environment that demands strict conformity, it’s not where you want to be unless you have ability and true passion. Being different is bad in any respect.

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      • no, he was an awesome sergeant who got me help. He had a retarded brother. To be honest, the number one thing that I got in trouble about was my hair. I have stringy, nasty hair that I can’t pull back tightly. My hair is super easy to style for stylists but could never be within military code. I should have realized this and not fought it, just cut it off. You learn these things, I think, as you get older. I have a friend who had a very Jewish nose, and instead of fighting everyone, she went and got plastic surgery. There are a lot of martyrs in the world who want time and attention.

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      • In the civilian world, I get more compliments on my hair, like at weddings and funerals. “How long did that take you to do?” 2 minutes. I wear it up most of the time and look crazy though.

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