Eliminating Piles

August 23, 2022- A friend sent a message this morning, about a large body of work that needed to get done this week, which she has to do herself. Shortly afterward, another friend sent a request that I help at a coming event, by washing and drying glasses. Tomorrow, I will be part of a team that sorts out and inventories the contents of a small trailer which will be used in the event that a shelter is needed, upon any sort of local disaster.

Late summer,and early autumn, are times when farmers and ranchers look to getting everything set for a potentially long winter. A productive growing season helps, in that regard. This has been, in the Southwest at least, a very wet and sometimes volatile summer. It is well that we have this much moisture-and it would be nice if the planet as a whole could enjoy sufficient rainfall, though that would seem to go against the physics of weather.

There are going to be constant tasks to get done, throughout anyone’s life, if for no other reason than this world is something of a proving ground for developing spiritual qualities, such as compassion, cooperation, diligence, perseverance and trustworthiness. Some work is going to be harder than others, and some work needs to be repeated, no matter how well it is done the first time. The piles may be replaced by still other piles, but in the end, it is the attitude one takes towards such work that determines how hard it is to deal with subsequent burdens.

These thoughts came to mind, as I briefly met two friends who were off for a day of working compost piles, surely a job that requires diligence and perseverance.

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