September 12, 2022- I sensed it would be a strange day, when I was reminded of a promise I made, to help a fellow veteran who another person thought was in dire need of assistance. I called one number, for a woman who knows the gentleman, and was in turn given his number. I reached an answering machine, left a message for him, and did not hear back. People in search of a cause don’t always get it right, but it’s better to be involved and make mistakes, than to be aloof and “perfect”. I do, however, have plenty of activities in the community.

Some of my activities get me in trouble, usually when the “regulars” at a service venue feel like they are doing me a favour by tolerating my presence. This is true more in faith-based activities than in civic groups like Red Cross or Farmer’s Market. It was a bit that way on Saturday, and more so this evening, when I went to help at the evening meal for the homeless. The feeding director was pleasant, as always, but the rest of the crew, including the man who first asked me to help, were sourer than lemons. I stayed anyway, as it is for the clientele that I do anything of this nature.

Generally speaking, I seem to get along better with people my age and younger, than I do with my elders. Mom and my aunts are exceptions, as are some of you faithful readers. There are difficult people in other age groups, of course, but older folks tend to lose their tempers with me, a lot more easily. It usually revolves around novel situations, like electronic connections and my preference for punctuality-as happened this evening, after I got back from the evening meal. I just don’t always handle anomalous situations well, so maybe that’s part of it.

Now it’s time for rest, as tomorrow takes me down to Phoenix, for my dental check-up.

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