Other People’s Romance And The Late Arrival

February 14, 2023- The white stuff is still coming down, fast and furious, though it did not really start falling here, until just after 4:30 p.m. It may continue until midnight, thus putting a lot of pressure on the road crews, to get everything cleared overnight-with schools and businesses otherwise facing closure. Ah, yes- the old business as usual vs. safety debate. I will get up at 5 a.m. and see how things shake out.

In the meantime, the soup’s in the crock pot, and I, along with most everyone, am safe and warm. Today brought the news of progress on all fronts, in my battle against the bulge. Otherwise, it was rather quiet here. An episode-by-episode study of the series, “The Chosen” with Episode 1 tonight, and continuation, in earnest of my winter reading, were the main events in this little abode, besides the soup having been started.about two hours ago.

The snow has stopped, at least for now, but the ice drama has taken over. Our street is a challenge to many of the people, likely from areas which see little or no winter weather, who “were sure” they could make the hill, with no problem. There has been a fair amount of hiking this evening, once the drivers were guided safely into off road parking. There was even a person-carry, of someone who had no boots and was in heels. (No, I was NOT the carrier.) That should make for a Valentine’s story for the ages.

I wish all, who are able to get out and celebrate with a loved one, the very best this evening-snow or no snow.

6 thoughts on “Other People’s Romance And The Late Arrival

  1. It rained a bit overnight here last night — just enough that our homes were not washed for the painting that is to come. If I’m not careful, though, it may begin to snow inside my home — when I went to the back yard yesterday to prepare for the washing project, I discovered a gas leak in the back yard. Everything else is electric, so I’m not completely out of my home, but life without heat or hot waters is pretty sad!

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