February 18, 2023- There was only a skeleton crew, at breakdown time today. So three of us got it together and moved the “mountain”, into the shipping container that serves as Farmers’ Market’s home for tables, chairs, pop-up tents, weights and signs. One other person sorted compost (lucky soul-j.k.) and around 2:30, we called it a day.

This is “shoulder season” for our area- the weather has been iffy and people are looking towards the sunny south. Topping things off, one favoured weekend hangout is closed due to a water line break, and another is open, but the owner is keeping a wary eye on signage which threatens to dislodge from its spot near the roof on the neighbour’s fascia. She has a wide area roped off, taking no chances with any sudden collapse.

My food plan continues, with everyone’s understanding and encouragement. Even the younger kids are noting my progress, and the scale shows that discipline is paying off. The main thing is to eliminate strain on the heart, so on we go with avoiding dairy and bread-for the time it takes to downsize. When they do come back into my regimen, portions will remain small.

Friends are hanging in there with their challenges, and I am just glad to be there for them, when they share both progress and setbacks. On we all go, each with a version of a full-court press.

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