Farewell, Kitty

March 31, 2023- The lion of March roared its best today- across a wide swath of the country. As I was readying myself to deploy for the Red Cross to San Jose, on Monday, dozens of cities in the South and Midwest were being battered by tornadoes, hailstorms and, in the northeast corner of Oklahoma City, grass fires. The worst hit, so far, are Metro Little Rock, Wynne (AR), Coralville (IA) Covington (TN) and Belvidere (IL). In the northern Illinois city, the roof of the Apollo Theater collapsed, in the midst of a Heavy Metal concert, killing 1 and injuring 28 of the 260 people who were inside the venue. This was believed to have been tornado-caused.

The month to come is likely to start out, by Tuesday, with more of the same. So, while I will start out working to help keep flood victims in the San Joaquin Delta safe, and hope to be back to honour commitments here in Prescott, in mid-to- late April, the nation’s bleeding may upend those plans and countless other people’s- victims and disaster workers alike. A great many will face the fury, regardless of the cause of this super-charged tornado season. We can only stick together and make whatever adjustments are needed.

Thus far, the official response to the devastation has been swift, level-headed and non-partisan, as it should always be. This will make our work easier, and the climate in which victims recover far more encouraging. I will be keeping in touch, on this medium and elsewhere, as best I can, over the next two weeks. The main focus, though, will be bringing relief.

Goodbye, lion and a guarded hello to the beasts of April.

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