April 2, 2023- These thoughts come to me, as two weeks of night duty approach.

I don’t see much of my restaurant-worker friends, as the weight-reduction plan continues and my schedule takes this one afield. Nevertheless, I think fondly of all of them, and wish a steady flow of diners and income.

I haven’t gotten out to see local friends, as much as I might have. Nevertheless, I keep each of them in my heart.

It’ll be three weeks until I get back to my weekend routine in Prescott. Nevertheless, I summon the forces of assistance to the Farmers Market, to my beloved vendor and worker friends, and to the regular breakfast crowd at Post 6. May all be safe and well.

I have no idea what lies in store for the suffering masses, both across the United States and around our planet. Nevertheless, I sense that all will heal and goodness will flow, even from the darkest of times.

I have no clear picture of what lies in store for us in the Central Valley, even with improving weather. Nevertheless, our team will do everything possible to safeguard the victims of nature’s ravages, until it is time for them to safely move on.

The weeks and months ahead will be filled with both challenge and opportunities for growth. There will be a lot of work required and putting the needs of all manner of people on my radar screen. Nevertheless, I will maintain self care and keep my focus.

4 thoughts on “Nevertheless

  1. Good luck in your work in California — the Santa Cruz area took the brunt of our storms through much of the last month, and there must be many people displaced. And the farms and orchards in the Central Valley sound as if they are all under feet of water. Both will need support for quite a while over the coming months. I also heard today that Mammoth Mountain expects to see people skiing into August this year!

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    • One of the more interesting drives of my life is sure to be that between San Jose and Visalia. For whatever reason, the RC is sending me to San Jose first, instead of to Fresno, but there must be some logistical reason.


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