Pushing Back On The Mud, Day Four

April 6, 2023, Aptos, CA- The night shift is not for everyone. That much is clear, from the actions of one individual who has reportedly let his co-workers down, each night for the past three. I get an earful every morning, when I come into the shelter. Other than raising the issue on their behalf, as a responsible supervisor, I can do little more than listen-and keep prodding my superiors to take action.

Corporate life has long been weighed down by regulations that were initially intended to curb the tendency to dominate others and to ensure that every human being is treated fairly, valued, honoured and affirmed. Without the requisite appeal to heart and spirit, though, it has become a set of hollow point bullets, shattering initiative and guaranteeing, in all too many cases, the protection and enabling of miscreants. While no one really expects perfection in this life, lowering the bar of social behaviour cheats us all, including the miscreants who are little more than useful idiots, to the wirepullers.

I have been blessed to be among the flood victims, who have gathered in the cavernous exhibition halls of one of California’s premier agricultural fairgrounds. The people of Watsonville are among the millions who work and thrive in the “non-tourist” communities of the Central Valley and San Joaquin Delta. In the smaller area of Pajaro, the farmers go through floods, let the mud dry and go back to tending the soil-producing artichokes, strawberries and Brussels sprouts that meet growing demands for healthful diets.

This sort of resilience may very well survive even the present rising danger, posed by climate change. “And still we rise”.

3 thoughts on “Pushing Back On The Mud, Day Four

  1. And this group of people are among the most unrecognized of the necessary workers in the fields of agricultural California — those who work in sweltering heat or in muddy, flooded lowlands to ensure that the country receives the nourishment it needs. California needs these people to be well treated — we do not need a wall to keep them out!

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