Chalk Art Revival

April 23, 2023- One of the most affirming acts that has followed the lifting of pandemic restrictions is the return, this weekend, of Chalk-It-Up, the chalk art festival that has accompanied Earth Day in Prescott, beginning in 2009. It was suspended during the height of COVID-19, from 2020-2022. One of many things that have returned this year, the art form seemed to have fewer entries than in the past, but those that were set to the asphalt “canvas” were heartfelt and, in many cases, reflected an offbeat artistry. As in years past, anime and manga characters were front and center, in the drawings. There were, though, a variety of other topics and styles.

“Best Buds” ,
Chalk-It-Up, 2023

“Lazy Panther”, Chalk-It-Up, 2023
“Hula Cheer”,Chalk-It-Up, 2023
“Horn,ed Lizard” Chalk-It-Up, 2023
“I Matter” Chalk-It-Up, 2023
” Back to Space”, Chalk-It-Up, 2023
“Puppy Power”, Chalk-It-Up, 2023

The chalk artists, ranging in age from 10-70, have always made my Earth Weekend that much more reassuring and joyful. Large festivals can be stressful, when my best efforts seem to fall flat, so the presence of colour is just a sign that all is well-as the moderator at this morning’s service of Center for Spiritual Living reminded those gathered for a presentation on Baha’i, by an old friend. He presented everything very well.

Even when I browbeat myself, it’s still true, “All is well”.

4 thoughts on “Chalk Art Revival

  1. In Santa Barbara, Memorial Day weekend is “I Madonnari” weekend in the parking lot in front of the Mission. The artists buy a spot (and many are donated, also, and some of the work is absolutely beautiful — reproductions of masters works, as well as more amateur drawings. It’s quite a weekend!

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