Casting the Burden of a Friend

April 30, 2023- The “cruelest month” ended as it began, with the main concern being helping a desperate family accomplish a move. Good-hearted and well-connected people are making sure that the family of four has a roof over their heads, within the first few days of this week. Today, though, a group of us gathered and moved a considerable amount of furniture to temporary storage, and a sizable amount of debris and detritus to the dumpsters of their former apartment complex.

People in this country, around this planet, have found themselves isolated and disparaged, too often, for making requests that are reasonable from my perspective, but are rejected because they are inconvenient to the powers that be. I experienced such a challenge in 2003, when local apartment management in Phoenix dismissed our mold issues. I called the complex’s owner, in San Diego, and got immediate results-the mold was mitigated by the LLC’s repair crew, who came from San Diego, the day after my call. Other friends of the family, who know the ropes here, are poised and ready to make the same sort of response, on their behalf.

There were other good things that happened, as a result of the move. A barely used guitar case, which can hold up to six instruments, made its way to my young friends who performed last night, and were at it again this afternoon, playing as their other stage personae-Juniper Djinn, a classical jazz and Eastern European folk music format. I was an extra pair of eyes and ears, reminding a couple of people of oversights that might have landed them in trouble. I got to know a man who has seen the same sorts of problems I have encountered in life, only doubly and more intense. I got three chairs-two for the front patio area and another for the living room.

The month ended, better than it began, which is how life ought to be.

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