The Energy Field Is Always Right

May 16, 2023, Los Angeles- Someone swiped my light jacket, right out from under the baggage handler’s nose. It was a gift from another friend, a while back, and only cost them $20. Serves me right, for having tied it to the outside of my checked bag-and the fleet-footed thief will not be charged, under LA’s “$900 or less” grace ordinance-designed to keep the jails less crowded. Still, it’ll be a briefly chilly morning dash to my car, when we get to Flagstaff early tomorrow. I have plenty of other jackets and coats at Home Base.

Someone is bound to say: “It might not have happened, had you kept your original plan and gone up to the Northwest, any way you could.” Of course, there’s that. There are also these: 1. Plans change, because the energy behind them shifts. 2. In that light, three events in or near Home Base over the next six days, necessitate my presence. 3. My friends in the Northwest have enough with which to concern themselves right now, without my stopping in on short notice. (Maybe three-to-five days in July, before V’s play, in Carson City, will be enough to connect with them. We’ll see what transpires.

I had plenty of alone time at HI Sacramento, last night, to ponder what lies ahead in the next six months, and to plan accordingly. There were few people around, and those who were hosteling were a costume jeweler and his associate, working on their merchandise. In the quietude, some very strong messages came to me-along with a sense that each month between now and November will find me on the road, in the air, and so on. Each of these months will also entail activities around Home Base. There is always a balance, even for one whose public persona seems to be that of a rolling stone. The messages do have one constant: “Your time is not going to feel like it’s your own- especially on certain days.” There is, however, a basic feeling of safety. Paying attention to the energy field also imparts what is needed, in order to make every minute count and each task successful.

After a series of charter bus and train rides, from Sacramento to this city of angels, with wings that have varying levels of dirt, I am in a lightly-populated train car and ready to just relax through the night. Looking at the stops ahead-other than Fullerton, Riverside and San Bernardino, the stops are all rural and unlikely to result in a crowded train. The conductor says his manifest indicates a number of people embarking tomorrow morning in Winslow. By then, I will be enjoying a hot breakfast and coffee, probably in Camp Verde-as Flagstaff’s establishments won’t open before 7 a.m., and an hour’s drive down the highway will be in order.

Good night, all, and may the Force stay with you.

6 thoughts on “The Energy Field Is Always Right

  1. The hostel looks suspiciously like the old Governor’s Mansion (but is not the same building), which was used as such until Nancy Reagan refused to live there for the safety of the Reagan children! That old Victorian has been refurbished, and Gob. Newsom lived there for a short time while the home he purchased was also refurbished. That’s a pretty uncharacteristic comment about Los Angeles!

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    • There are several Victorian houses, in that area of Sacramento. Los Angeles has many redeeming qualities, as we both know. The move away from holding people accountable for their actions reflects poorly on the City of Angels, as it does on San Francisco and San Diego, which have enacted similar ordinances. It won’t keep me from visiting any of them, but it does make one more wary.


      • Re holding people accountable, there has been a Federal mandate to reduce overcrowding in jails. Pursuant to that, statewide voting has mandated the “catch and release” effect that we face these days. I have not visited most of LA itself for many years, preferring to be in calmer environs.

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      • It’s true, and always useful, to examine the whole picture in any situation. An aside: I noticed there were all sorts of tent sites-some neatly maintained, with raked dirt and a trash can out front, well-distanced from one another; others were half-put together and surrounded by piles of detritus. just like the solutions to street life itself, each unhoused person or family is unique.
        This is one of those situations where people vote, without thinking things through, and act dismayed by the consequences. I call in the curse of NIMBY-sooner or later, the problem WILL find its way to back yards.


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