May 19, 2023- The two little guys were ecstatic, running about next door, in their raincoats and boots, under their stepmother’s watchful eyes. The rain came down in buckets, for the fourth day in a row, with more likely tomorrow morning. It is monsoon -like weather, in the midst of one of the two driest months in a normal Prescott climate. California has May Gray, June Gloom and July Fry. We now have the May-soon.

Not to worry, too much. The last ten days of May and most likely the entirety of June, our other super dry month, are expected to be warm and dry. My server at Zeke’s was surprised when I ordered coffee with my lunch today, but I assured her that iced tea will be finding its way in front of me, in very short order (no pun intended). We are all just glad for the break in the monotony and for the soothing rain it’s brought.

The kids, and their dogs, kept splashing in any available puddle until they had thoroughly soaked one another. I had no reason to go out, once back from lunch, so just sat by the window and enjoyed a reminder that some things never go out of fashion.

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