The Road to 65, Mile 307: Ever After


September 30, 2015, Chino Valley- This was a good day to meet more of the parents of my eight-year-olds, to learn more of how I might best serve them, in two-weeks’ time, and to develop more rapport with a  man who has been attending our Wednesday night information sessions.  It was also a good night for Thai food.

Today would have been Penny’s 61st birthday.   She and my sister regarded the last two days of September as a special forty-eight hours, and always sent special greetings to one another.  I certainly concur with their assessment- no two women, of our age group, were ever more important to me.  Now, there is a three-day stretch, as my youngest grand-niece was born two days ago.

It’s useless to speculate, as to what my wife would have done, had she lived, or more importantly, had she not fallen to the gradual wasting of Adult-Onset Polyglucosan Body Disease.  I am sure she would have brought more joy and learning, to more children, and we would have continued to cast aside what few barriers there were between us- our marriage was always the most important thing.

Now, I feel her presence, telling me to return to full-time service as a teacher, for five years, or as long as I can maintain clarity and energy.  I am also to remain fully active, so the things for which I have become known online, over the past four years, will remain a part of me- just in a less intensive, and more focused mien.

She is never far, and when our Ever After comes, all I can want is to deserve her pride in what I have done.