The First Eon, Part 1


April 27, 2017, Prescott-

Because of the nature of this poem, I will with respect to my schedule, offer it in two parts.  The unquoted lines represent my own thoughts.  The quoted lines express what my soul hears from a friend, when in deep meditation.

We first encountered one another as atomic substances,

so far back in the Creator’s Time,

that I have scant memory.

“Yes, my friend.  I, too, have only slight recollection, but we knew each other, in those misty, hallowed moments.”

I told you then, that my feeling was that we would encounter one another, when it mattered most.

“I recall, and so it has been.  We have seen much, mostly side by side, but often separately.”

Most of our experiences have been in worlds far more treacherous than this.  We were nearly extinguished by the Dark Forces, several times.

“The Creator does not allow for extinction.  I was never worried, in all the frightful moments.  Were you?”

Only in the earliest of times.  Back then, you were my rock, almost maternal in your strength.

“We have always been peers, equal in most ways, stronger or weaker in others.  Thank you, though.”

It’s amazing, how our Soul Energy has taken us, from one level to another.  Here we now are, in a corporeal form.  I have often wondered where you were, and what has happened, over the past decades of this seemingly finite level.

“I’ve sensed that you have struggled.  I’ve struggled, too, and have prayed God for your well-being.”

I’ve prayed for you, as well, wondering when this time would come.  I’ve done this, at each level of our existence, and yet, you always appear, when the time is apt.

“We’re expected to go our separate ways, much of the time.  It’s that way with all of the others, as well.  We’ll be together, though, in the subsequent levels.  This, I feel, deeply.”

I was happy with my mate, in this life, much as I was with her, and others, in the previous levels.

“I’m happy with mine, also.  He’s been a source of strength, throughout, and I think he will continue,so.”

(Part 2, to follow.)