Speed The Plow


January 26, 2023- It is amazing, in some ways, how my inner thoughts and feelings have changed thus far in a new calendar year. The cosmic focus is said to be more inner directed this year, than last. There seems to be much truth to that, even in the early weeks of the year. My thoughts, as I drift off to sleep, are less other-directed-a good thing, given that one can’t do much to help as slumber approaches.

Nonetheless, what I want for myself-and by extension, my loved ones, is more focus and keener insight on what can make each of our little worlds a safer, healthier place. As this first of three intense work weeks winds down, I have experienced some progress in that regard-and have continued to stand firm in the face of some opposition to my work, actually turning things around with a couple of naysayers, in a span of three days. I have yet to win a couple of estranged friends back, but everything needs to happen naturally and organically.

A small conflict over the process of a certain medical check-up was resolved, yesterday, and I reached a compromise with the government, so the check-up will take place in a month’s time, which is actually better for me-as March and September will be the check-up points, and I am already committed to Home Base at the beginnings of those months.

The process of what needs to be accomplished this year is starting to accelerate. As the plow forges ahead, I promise to keep it moving straight, and not to upend the soil to an unhealthy depth, but rather to mix the minerals and nutrients in a beneficial way. Let all activities this year help to bring a spiritual bounty to all those I love.

A Tapas Experience


February 3, 2022- This evening was devoted to honouring a good friend, on her birthday. My practice has been to at least extend greetings to those whose special days come to my attention, and how much more to those close to me, to help make their days memorable, in whatever way is appropriate.

For this occasion, dinner at our local tapas restaurant, El Gato Azul, filled the bill. I have never had tapas, per se, finding this evening’s fare very much the equivalent of appetizers. The chef and his crew offer several dozen items on their tapas menu, along with a well-varied listing of entrees. We each selected seafood items as our entrees, enjoying side salads and a tapas item, giving each of us a taste of the tapas crew’s considerable gifts.

This restaurant is one of the few in Prescott where reservations, made at least a week in advance, are of the essence. It is also a place in which people dress, albeit business casual, for the occasion. There was a hearty crowd, mostly couples and foursomes, with single diners (“the regulars”) seated at the bar. We had a table in the larger dining area, sheltered by sheeted plastic in the colder months, and an open patio once things warm up. We were comfortable this evening, despite the frigid air that has hung around outside for the past several days.

We talked of several things, over the course of ninety minutes, from home maintenance-always an issue, it seems, in this transitional period between solid construction and the rush to throw up housing that meets immediate needs-to arcane aspects of personal astrology, a topic about which I comprehend very little. (I do, however, see how cosmic energy can set off, or settle, a person, depending on one’s energy path.)

I look forward to several outings with this friend, over the time to come, and to other visits to El Gato Azul.

Fortnight of Transition, Day 2: Personal Responsibility


September 10, 2020-

My mother turned 92 today. In our conversation this afternoon, she sounded well and had enjoyed a birthday lunch. She expressed pride in my having gone to help hurricane victims in Louisiana, a reflection of the stress she always placed on accepting responsibility and assisting the less fortunate.

I woke this morning, feeling a drag on my psyche. Knowing that one of the people, to whom I was alluding in the last post, would likely be the first to want my attention, I was slow to open my phone. Fortunately, I was able to hold the line on his accepting responsibility for his own success, while still offering help in a few areas that he could not have known how to handle . I must always try to be discerning.

Neither patronize, nor disparage. This is a tough row to hoe, as I’ve become quite used to doing things on my own and not wanting to have random people show up, wanting me to solve all their problems. At the same time, I have no problem pitching in to a group effort at dealing with social issues, dealing with an emergency that happens in my presence or doing a helpful activity that is scheduled. I guess it’s randomness that I find irritating.

This is also a heavy cosmic energy period. For the astrologically-inclined, seven planets are in retrograde, relative to Earth. This tends to throw us back, going over old ground. I have done well this year, at clearing out old, counterproductive habits and energies. There is still a bit left to tidy up, though, so maybe this retrograde season will help along those lines.