Fortnight of Transition, Day 1: Overcoming Learned Helplessness


September 9, 2020-

A fortnight is a period of two weeks. There are about that many days until the September Equinox (Autumnal/Vernal). In this time, I wish to look at several themes that have impacted or are impacting my life and those around me.

As I edge closer to retirement and to making my own determination, as to which activities to which I devote time and energy, I have had to begin to find positive and helpful ways to address those who come to me with outstretched hands. Deflecting requests for money is easy enough. I have to budget what I have, in the way of financial resources, so as to both support myself and to fulfill some plans which I feel I have earned.

Time and energy are more problematic. No one can, in good conscience, refuse the legitimate requests for assistance with finding resources that come, sometimes randomly, from those who believe themselves to be at the end of their ropes. If one agrees to offer limited assistance, and uses the Internet to connect start-ups with potential benefactors, the result is usually win-win-and does not end up being a time and energy pit.

The key is to use the correct search terms, so as to not waste time on dead ends. For example, in linking an entrepreneur, in one of several African countries, to an entity that can provide seed money grants, the best search term is “Organizations that help marginalized communities in Africa”. I used this yesterday, and was able to forward a link to three appreciative entrepreneurs, who have imagined themselves to be in dire straits.

My message to such entrepreneurs is this: You have the skills and intelligence to make your dreams happen. Europeans and North Americans have done a bad job, in many cases, of giving the impression that our resources can lift all boats. That is seldom true, on an individual basis. It is by pooling resources, while simultaneously reminding the individuals seeking assistance that they can and should establish their own contacts with helpful organizations, that the most meaningful change can happen.

I am always glad to guide people to the proper resources, but I will no encourage and foster the sense of helplessness that only drags down both entrepreneur and advocate.

Open Letter to the Elites


April 9, 2020-

Dear souls:

I recently watched the final episode for Season 2, of a science fiction television series, called “Manifest”.  In one of the climactic scenes, a low-level physician confronts a senior intelligence operative, about her duty to share knowledge with those underneath her.  The operative haughtily refers to the doctor as “Little Girl”, and says that, as she is responsible for protecting the nation, such as the doctor are as “insects beneath my shoe”.

It is a cliche, but still true:  “With great power, comes great responsibility”.  We also see that with great power, comes great arrogance.  Common people, whether ruled by those of liberal philosophy or conservative philosophy, are historically seen as nuisances, especially when such commoners speak their peace.

This is as true in self-styled democracies and republics, as in monarchies or dictatorships.  I witnessed the arrogance of power, first hand, in July, 2007, when Federal agents, in three instances, browbeat ordinary citizens going about their business. One of these was my wheelchair-bound wife, ordered out of the area of an overhang, in the midst of a torrential downpour.  We made it to another, more-welcoming shelter, as is often the case, when functionaries overly assert their power-and the citizen must decide to protest or improvise.

I mention these matters, as now we are witnessing the idea phase of the Coronavirusdisease2019 health crisis.  Vaccines are being actively touted, and these could be as simple as the vaccines of the 1950’s-70’s, or as problematic as the heavy metals-laden cocktails of the past three decades.  The latter brings in the most revenue, of course, and so we see entrpreneurs, investors, with scant medical expertise, in the forefront of the research funding.  We also see medical professionals, some of whom are among your number, stating that we ought to prepare to shelter in place until the vaccines are ready for mass distribution-possibly as late as October, 2021.

We see some of the same entrepreneurs calling for microchipping of human beings-a cause celebre of those who wish to control the masses.  Finally, there is a push for 5th Generation (5G) technology, in the communications industry.  This last is deemed essential, for speeding up said communication.

May I ask: Why do we need communication sped up any further?  Where is everyone going, especially following the end of the COVID emergency?  To my mind, one of the lessons of this pandemic is that humanity needs to connect more honestly, more civilly and more slowly with one another.  I see also that we need to live far more in harmony with nature, than the robust technologies being spoonfed us will allow.

I sit at the laptop, and can only sit so long, using my highly magnetic computer mouse, before my hand starts tingling. Then, I know to massage that hand, and apply essential oils.  I know, too, that a more powerful cellular device or computer will aggravate my nerves and blood vessels that much further- and I am in good health.  What of those with underlying health issues?

Friends, we are entering an age of greater spiritual awareness and of a greater sense of individual responsibility.  Fewer people, especially among those born after 1980, are going to kowtow to the “experts” or the “elites”, regardless of how you see yourselves.  As Bob Dylan once wrote: “The old world is rapidly fading.  Get out of the new one if you can’t lend a hand, for the times, they are a-changing.”  One of the features of that new world will be an increase in questioning decisions proferred from on high.

I look forward to that- and rest assured, I will be among those questioning your pronouncements.

May you choose peace and truth,




April 8, 2020-

The Holy Days of major world religions take on extra meaning for many more than just their adherents, in times of peril.  So it is with Passover, the celebration marking the Israelites’ delivery from slavery in Egypt.  The eight-day festival starts this evening, ending on April 16.

The celebration of freedom is ironic, in a time when when a climate of oppression is felt by many, with the sense that things may get worse, before they improve.  Some will feel between a rock and a hard place, as two opposing groups of well-to-do entrepreneurs vie for public support of two very different treatments for COVID19- one, a pill with anecdotal, but not clinical, proof of efficacy; the other, a vaccine that is not likely to be ready for mass usage until the Fall of 2021.  In the meantime, it seems to me that deliverance from THIS pestilence will be up to us laymen, following physical distancing guidelines and self-isolating, for a fair number of weeks or months AND building up our immune systems through improving nutrition, taking natural supplements and getting enough Vitamin D, from sunshine.

I wish all Jews a healthy and happy Passover season-with the rest of us keeping our God-given sense of free will, and using it wisely.

The Road to 65, Mile 319: Conquistador


October 12, 2015, Chino Valley-

A few thoughts about the day, as we might look at it.

The deer trails, drawing the interest of the hunters,

became the Kinship Trails, drawing the interest of the merchants,

the soldiers and the monks.

The Conquistador Trails, drawing the interest of the pioneers,

the entrepreneurs and the downtrodden,

became the railroads and macadam highways, drawing the

interest of the Lords of Commerce and the satisfied multitudes.

The Interstate Highways, drawing the interest of the masses,

fleeing oppression, become

closed, behind walls and fences.

Book Your Passage Soon


Leonid Ksonfomaliti, a Russian astronomer, has stated that his analysis of photos taken by an exploratory vehicle on the planet Venus indicates that some objects seen in the photos are possibly living things.  Dr. K says he spotted three objects- a disc, a black flap and a scorpion, which appear to move and shift position independently, in a photo of a Venusian surface.

He suggests “boldly” looking upon these as evidence of life on the second rock from the Sun.  Who will be the entrepreneur who will build a rocket to Venus, and check it out?