Extended Family, Reno- Carson, Day 2: Memorial Day


May 30, 2016, Reno- We came back up here, visiting the laid-back, always loving, fluid family mash-up that is the Hill household.  The 3-6 souls who anchor the Reno point of my family constellation are predictable in two ways:  There will always be interesting media on-screen, usually streaming video or movies; and there will always be food delivered, in copious quantities.

Our fare today was not barbecue (“Too dry around here”), but Domino’s pizza, wings (both bone-in and boneless), Parmesan bites, and Dad’s Root Beer.  There was enough to take care of the eight of us for the rest of the day.  The film was Barbara Streisand’s and Seth Rogen’s  “Guilt Trip”.  Neither my mother or I, as much as we love one another, would ever countenance a drive together that lasted more than three hours. As a movie, though, the character growth inherent in a parent-child journey makes for a captivating story line.  Both grew, marvelously, as people, by the end of the film- and largely because there was mutual fulfillment.

Memorial Day’s main purpose, though, was not lost on anyone here.  There was a solemnity in the house- W’s stepfather, who raised her, has been gone three years;  S was lost in thought about his departed loved ones; and it goes without saying that my thoughts were not far from my beloved.  That we were each far from the cemeteries that hold the remains of those gone on, mattered little.  They continue to inspire us and watch us carefully.