Look Past The Boulders


February 4, 2021-

Look past the boulders,

to the meadow which beckons,

with its crocus shoots.

Look beyond the barrier,

at the welcoming friends,

who’d love to see you

on the other side .

See the far horizon,

which accents your strength,

and turns your trials

into triumphs.

Be discerning,

but not dissuaded,

by the temporary


or shouts.

The Lock Box


August 13, 2019-

The following occurred to me, after a healer visited, this morning.

To each soul is given

a gift,

a legacy,

a task.

It is up to

the recipient

to open hands

and take the gift,

honour the legacy,

accomplish the task.

I laid on my back,


and receiving

the strength

to open the lock box

in which my heart

has been kept,

for so many years.

My task now

is to put the lock box


It has long since

served its purpose,

of guarding my heart,

from what it feared.

Breathing cleansed

the rust

from the lock.

The box is open now,

and my heart is



prepared for

the gift being offered.