The Road to 65, Mile 219: Sizzling


July 5, 2015, Prescott- I have it in my mind to return to Europe, at some point, probably some time in the second half of 2020, or later, as part of a 1-2 year sojourn, just because I feel I must earn back the money I spent on the trips taken, over these past three or four years.  It’ll all boil down to what seemingly needs to be done, at the time.

That’s all pie in the sky, right now.  I think of it, mainly because the news tells us that it is hotter in Madrid than it is in Dubai, or New Delhi.  Budapest and Zurich are warmer than Istanbul.  The sizzle factor is making things seem topsy-turvy, but don’t say this too loudly, lest someone think we have gone full-on Liberal.

I have to say this, just once:  Name-calling has not, and will not, bring the temperatures back into what we regard as normal range.  If that is even an option, we need to look at everyone’s habits.  What can each of us do, and what is each of us willing to do, to bring the overall climate into a comfortable range?  The areas of focus would include:  Diet, daily cleansing and grooming, animal husbandry and crop rotation, forestry, fishing and manufacturing practices- especially production of technological products.  Ever stop and think about how your smart phone components’ manufacture might relate to the raising of the atmosphere’s temperature?  Didn’t think so.

Each of us has the role to play.  Me? I drive with the windows down, when alone.  With others in the car, AC is usually a must, but that is most often for short distances.  Showers?  Have to say, I keep them to 5 or 6 minutes, and there is no “eeeww” factor, of which I am aware.  I drink small smoothies, when possible, though I don’t really go in for the idea that smoothies use more water than hamburgers, from start to finish.

These are just things to consider, next time your town hits an uncomfortable heat level.