The Road to 65, Mile 196: Southeast IS Northwest, Day 5 On The Water


June 12, 2015, Auke Bay- This waterfront community is Juneau’s northern adjunct, and a vital part of the Mendenhall Valley’s maritime tradition.  This is where the ferries head in all directions, and where the major fishing marinas are.

One of the boats docked at Auke Bay is the Anna.  She took six of us out to Prospect Point and Barlow Cove, then safely back, by evening.


The sturdy lady is captained by Dave P., a master fisherman and mariner in good standing.


He was assisted by Hari Dave S., a carpenter and roustabout on the high seas.


Once all were aboard, and the kids were properly life-preservered, we were off to untold adventure.


Dreamers never quit, and our dreams were of catching the limit on dungeness crab and halibut.  So, we passed by the Chilkat Mountains, and Eagle Glacier.



Captain Dave was going for broke.


The girls were all set to help out.IMG_1019

Here, off Barlow Cove, we set two crab pots.


Then, it was off to Prospect Point, for a couple hours of the master fishermen going after halibut.


My task was simple:  Kick back, relax and make sure no one fell in the water.IMG_1030

Sea lions provided comic relief, and a cheering, or maybe booing, section.IMG_1031

The runt of the litter tried to get on board.  He had my sympathy.IMG_1033

In the end, the catch was….almost nonexistent.  The girls got a hermit crab to take home as a pet.  Any time with convivial people is well-spent though, and our day was indicative of so many days spent with a stick in the water.  The main thing is being at sea, and knowing that one of these days, the bounty will be provided.

After getting back to Juneau, I went to an Asian restaurant, which served multiple cuisines.  I stuck with the low mein, which also would stretch to another meal, in a day or so.  Tomorrow will be a different sor tof adventure:  A visit to Mendenhall Glacier.