Stand-up People


April 5, 2018, Prescott-

The question was raised,


Will we see the likes

of MLK,

of RFK,

ever again?

I say yes,

and in droves.

There are glimmerings

of such people


They have much to learn,


but they are learning fast,

and will learn more,

even faster.

It’s been written,

that people are

at their best,

in a crisis

and at their worst

in a run-up to crisis.

What makes now

different from then,

is that ears

and hearts are open,

to, as the tv announcer

of my youth said,

opposing points of view

fromย responsibleย spokesmen.

White noise and blather

need not apply.

This may, indeed,

be known to history

as a Generation

of Founders.