Night of the Crescent Moon


August 30, 2019-

I know you are supremely confident

and making this choice,

still I fret and will look,

tomorrow, to make sure

you made it safely home.

You sang your heart out tonight,

and captivated everyone,

just as you surely won the hearts

of those for whom you gave your best,

last night, a thousand miles away,

and will tomorrow,

on the other side of this land.

Some would say I ought not worry,

but it’s my nature,

to want the best

for everyone who has my heart.

Your muses are many

as are your allies.





Gratitude Week, Day 6: The Great Notes


November 23, 2018, Prescott-

I am barely a singer, have no instrumental talent of which to speak and can’t read sheet music, yet music has been one of my fall backs, in happy times and in sad.  This post features ten tunes that especially resonate.  So, there’s not much text here.  Listen to those you find appealing, and know that each has a special place in my heart.







4. (There is a lot of commentary here.  The song is what is at the heart.)


2. lovely tune, in a wondrous context.)

1. (because it is so).

There are hundreds of others.  These are what are in my heart, most readily.

To My Newest Friend


August 12, 2017, Superior-

You approached me,

as one adult to another,

from the get-go, this afternoon.

I felt your need to let the music,

that is inside you,

be given voice and melody.

We talked of a way,

in which I might help,

in that regard,

and next Saturday,

I will bring that help.

You are strong,



One can never have

too many friends.

I’m glad to have you as one,

and honoured

that you’re letting me be one,

in return.



May 22, 2017, Prescott-

So many youths,

glad for an evening

of music that made them


on the floor

and in their hearts.

Nineteen are gone,

fifty hanging on,

because of one

with a detonator.

A light-hearted young woman,

seeking to make her fans’ lives

a bit more carefree,

sits crestfallen,


in a hotel room,

in Manchester.