Serene and Swaying


October 16, 2021- The full- on, pulsating sounds of the Latino-tinged hard rock band had five generations of people up and dancing, for close to two hours. It was the culmination of an afternoon Harvest Festival, a block party of sorts, set up by Raven Cafe and Peregrine Book Store, to benefit the Prescott Education Fund-and by extension, our public schools.

I found myself swaying to the rhythms, on the sidelines, as couples and families bounced, did the samba and even a guy doing Cat Daddy, with his lady friend and one other mutual friend of theirs. Babies in their parents’ arms were moving and grooving. Kids of all ages were jumping around, everywhere. It was just that sort of magnificent autumn evening, in a small lot that is one of Prescott’s best-kept secrets.

A couple of costumed characters briefly moved among the crowd, essentially getting the party started.

So it went, and the exercise did me good. It is ever so, that even as the twilight of the first year of my eighth decade on this earth approaches, there is still very much a relevance to my presence here. My immediate reward was a delectable creme brulee at the Raven, once the concert had wound down. The more substantial reward was an indelible viewing of Home Base for what it is: A small spot of paradise, in which my spirit can thrive and from which it may go forth, to other paradises.

First Aid


January 7, 2017, Prescott-

I spent five hours, this morning and early afternoon, getting certified in Psychological First Aid, a skill that is necessary for me to be on our area Red Cross Individual Compassionate Care Team (ICCT).

Being so certified has been almost second nature for me, since childhood.  Despite being seemingly clueless, as to other people’s suffering, it’s been my inclination to pitch in and help out ( with a listening ear and helping hands, more than with an open wallet- which doesn’t always have much in it, anyways).

This is what led me to become a counselor, and still keeps me in the loop, with regard to community healing.  So, after a bit more red tape, I will be on the ICCT, as well as staying on full time, with Prescott Public Schools.

Enough about me, though.  The whole concept of public service may well be challenged, in the next four years.  I have a “wait and see” attitude, right now, and we certainly can’t expect much forward progress on our issues, if there is a building of walls, both physical and mental, as an immediate priority.  WE, at the Red Cross, and in the schools, will continue to place top priority on the well-being of those who are hurting, and on the community as a whole.