November 17, 2021- Every so often, for many of us, it becomes time to give up a piece of ourselves. Sometimes, it’s someone we love; other times, a house that means a great deal and at other times, maybe a treasured possession.

Over the past several months, I have had small facial tumors removed. Today, the last of these procedures took place. In each case, a skilled plastic surgeon has repaired the area where the tumor was removed. This procedure was no exception. It was, however, probably the most challenging, being on my right ear. The snip was successful, however, and the repaired area is not altogether noticeable. It does look like a case of shrinkage, but I’m fortunate. Some have, in similar cases, lost their entire ear and have had to have prosthetics made. Mine is essentially intact.

Of course, going forward, there are things like the consistent application of sunscreen, use of headgear, and semiannual full body check-ups, the first of which will be in December. What I have given up, today, was something that did not belong on my body. What I gained was the care of a passionate group of dermatologists and nurses, devoted to preserving the well-being of their charges, gentle in their mannerisms. A few are a bit awkward socially, and I attribute that to the long hours they put in at this facility. Their hearts are undeniably pure.

There must be something important ahead of me, because I certainly lucked out, in catching these “skintruders”, late-but not too late.