Going Forward


June 14, 2016, Prescott-  A few days ago, I mused about the possibility of emulating the resilience of Israeli society, in the face of the terror it experiences, almost on a daily basis.  Someone responded that Americans already do the same thing, so why look any further?

There is much to admire about our country, its systematic way of uniting vast areas of land and diverse people, its checks and balances and, yes, our society’s ability to go on, after a tragedy.  The question, as to how we might do better, in the face of such as happened on September 11, 2001- and on June 12, 2016- was initially raised by a commentator in the Arizona Republic, who suggested looking at how people in Israel go forward, after a violent attack.  He could have substituted India, Iraq, Lebanon, Spain, the United Kingdom, or any number of societies.

People are, by nature, resilient.  Otherwise, there are innumerable horrors that could have sent us the way of the dinosaur, or the dodo.  Israel is perhaps notable, however, because of its unity, when terror strikes.  There is no paralyzed Knesset, no waffling Executive, and no emphasis on finger-pointing, in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.  Therein, lie points to ponder.

Yes, there is a vast difference in complexity, as well as in the size of the populace, between the two nations.  No, I don’t want to leave America.  The quality of life here equals, if not exceeds, that of any other nation.  We do, however, in my humble opinion, have to make a choice as to HOW we move forward.  Will it be with recrimination, denial and following a fickle news cycle?  Will it be by listening to one another, taking the valid points from SEVERAL stated opinions, and blending them into a viable solution?  Will it be with a knock-down, dragged-out fight against those whose points of view differ from one’s own?

We have seen the results of each approach listed above, both in the history of this nation, and in the fortunes of other countries, throughout the history of the planet.  We are at a crossroads.  One valid point our President made the other night:  We have to choose what kind of country we want to have.