The Road to 65, Miles 275-6: Pledge Time


August 29-30, 2015, Prescott- As I told myself on Friday, this weekend was quiet and not overly ambitious, though I did attend a planning meeting for Hope Fest, 2015, on Saturday and did complete two online Red Cross classes, this evening.

Life is good, even with all the friends, and friends and relatives of friends, who have gone on to the spirit realm, this year.  Work was good last week, and I am sure I will get the work I am supposed to get, as the weeks and months roll out.

It’s always worthwhile, to me, to at least give sincere critics a hearing, though being true to oneself is a pre-requisite for living a good life.  As it stands, I am my own harshest critic, and choose to look towards areas in which I might obviate that criticism, by making improvements.

So, here are five pledges:

  1.  I will continue to stand alongside my friends, as they face their struggles.
  2. I will continue to improve on not crowding people.
  3. I will maintain a sense of ownership of my life and of my choices.
  4. I will support, financially, only what I can support without placing a burden on others.
  5. I will refrain from guilt over what I didn’t do for someone else, so long as I have done my level best.