The Blessings Outweigh….


March 2-5, 2019-

This past weekend brought the beginning of our Nineteen-Day Fast, abstaining from food and beverages between sunrise and sunset, March 2-20 (most years), for those in good health between the ages of 15-70.  This year’s Fast is a bit complex for me, due to travel that will interrupt the practice (Baha’u’llah excuses the traveler; women who are pregnant, nursing, or in their courses;  the seriously ill and those engaged in heavy physical work).

I made good use of the weekend, participating in a seed education program, with one of the community groups in which I’m involved:  Slow Food-Prescott.  I am no expert on seeds, but I can still help with set-up and breakdown of the hall.  I also re-learned a lot about plants- seeds, as opposed to spores, and the various aspects of germination.

Sunday brought me back to Phoenix, for a large music festival:  McDowell Mountain Music Festival, ironically not held in Scottsdale, but in downtown Phoenix’s Hance Park. Two Drum Circles and time with a vibrant and highly artistic friend made the whole event worth the drive.

There was a most diverse group sitting in on the drum circles.20190303_152300


This English band, Maribou State, was giving the last performance of its current tour.  It was their first visit to Phoenix.


My friend was very busy with hoop dancing, and had been at it for three days straight.


I headed back to Prescott in a prudent manner, and have had a good couple of days at work, this week.  Today marked the eighth anniversary of Penny’s passing.  I stopped at the gravesite on Sunday, prior to attending the Music Festival.  I was thus able to properly mark our connection, with a vase of white carnations, which were her favourite flower, and time in quiet reflection.  She loved drumming and had great respect for hoop dancers, so my participation in the former and encouraging Pam and some young women in the latter, was an homage as well.

Most important, though, I have continued with two of our shared passions:  Educating special needs children and advocating wellness.  I have, if all goes well, two years after this, in full time education.  Wellness, though, will be part of my life until it’s time to head beyond.  Essential oils and living a healthy lifestyle are the foundation of my thriving.

In a few short days, I head to South Korea, for the formal wedding of Aram and Yunhee, a return to Jeju and renewing my ties to one of our blessed homes together.  The blessings always outweigh any hardships.

The Fast: Day 11- Holistic Health


March 12, 2018, Prescott-

I  went to Cornerstone Chiropractic, first thing this morning.  I remember the place, as the owners had accepted some donations from a friend, a few years back and I did the honours of carrying the boxes in.  The fact that here are husband, wife and three kids appealed to me.  People who run their business, with their children close at hand, seem very trustworthy to me.

Baha’u’llah tells us to consult a skillful physician.  Whatever that may mean to many, here’s what it means to me:  A trained medical professional, who also recognizes and promotes wellness, including diet, exercise and the use of essential oils.  So, I’ve signed on with Dr. Robert, will take 48 sessions, so as to secure my skeletal, muscular and nervous systems and will have my sore shoulder back, in relatively short order.

I have also reached out to many of my Prescott area friends and promoted this establishment.  Who knows just how many others can be made whole, by non-surgical means?



August 14, 2016, Prescott- I remarked to some collaborators-in-faith, this morning, that I have scrapped plans for most travel outside North America, until at least 2021. (South Korea, where my son is to be stationed, next year, being an exception.)  There were crickets in the room, so our discourse went on to things of more common interest.

Later today, I attended a gathering that was sponsored by Team Rubicon, the disaster recovery organization that is mostly made up of military veterans.  The very allusion to making a decisive and irreversible choice defines this group, whose impact is as great, if not greater than that of the Red Cross.  These are the people who remain behind, once the news cycle is over and the long-term work begins.  They choose to walk the celestial path, with practical feet. (‘Abdu’l-Baha admonished us Baha’is to do just that, in several speeches, when he visited North America, in 1912.)

I have plenty to do around here, during the academic year, and with regard to both my Faith and the needs of the larger community.  At 65 years, 8 months, it’s important to consider at least the seeds of legacy.  I’m in fine health, and I do want to continue with a full, contributive life.  Five years of gainful employment remain.  I will insist on actively taking part in the well-being of the Prescott area, both inside and outside my worksite.  Summers will still find me visiting friends and family, in various parts of this continent, starting with a second journey northwestward, next June. Christmas and New Year’s will still be marked by the presence of loved ones and good friends, both here and on the East Coast.  June, 2021 will still be the beginning of an extended journey to many parts of the globe, the only caveats being the needs of my son, any family he might have by then, and our larger family.

I will remain working to educate people on the Oneness of Mankind, on the need for an inquiring mind, and on the healing properties of Certified, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, and the imperative of wellness.  My Rubicon was crossed, years ago, when Penny pointed me towards the mountain with a shimmering star above it.


The Sheer Essentials: A Journey to Salt Lake City, Part II


September 18-20, 2014-  The Salt Palace, and Energy Solutions Arena (home of the Utah Jazz, are imposing, spacious edifices.  We were able to switch from one venue to the other, on alternating days, this year.  Next year, both structures will be used simultaneously, for each day of the Convention.



I started off the day with a lovely breakfast of Swedish pancakes, stuffed with lingonberries, and sausage patties.  Coffee was bracing and delicious.  Though Utah is not known as a haven for coffee drinkers, or alcoholic beverage drinkers, for that matter, I had no trouble getting a satisfying cup of joe, nor did anyone desiring a nip or three seem to have to go without.  Coachmans Diner and Pancake House is a large, clean establishment, with hearty meals throughout the day and evening.

The sessions on Days 1 &2 stressed the importance this company attaches to our voluntary adherence to safe preparation and use of essential oils.  What makes these products Certified Therapeutic Grade is the total lack of additives in all our offerings.  Here are some caveats:  Parents using the oils on their children need to exercise common sense.  Oils like oregano and peppermint, being harsh, need to be cut with coconut oil, before being given to people, such as children and seniors, with sensitive constitutions.  Check the label, and if the oil is supposed to be used TOPICALLY, do NOT take  it ORALLY.  More is not better; too much of an oil will counteract the desired effect.  

The free market is a good thing, for essential oils, as well as most other products.  No matter what brand you use, do exercise due diligence in your purchase.  I, for one, will always vet my product, to make sure it’s worthwhile for the customer.  Our mantra is:  The long-term goal of essential oils use is WELLNESS. Essential oils are not snake oils.

Coming back from lunch on Thursday, I spotted a robotic plane (not a drone), controlled by a hand-held remote, coming in for a landing outside Salt Palace.  No innocent bystanders were either scared or hurt in the lunch-time festivities.SAM_2831 Nearby, there is also the pleasant-looking Maurice Abravenel Music Hall.


Salt Lake City spares no expense in providing cultural enrichment to the citizenry.  In 1857, Devereaux House was built, as a literary salon and public meeting place.  It remains an historic site, open to reserved, guided tours.


Day 3 was another series of product demonstrations and celebrations of individual and collective personal achievements. This is as good a place as any to hone one’s self-sufficiency and health & wellness skills.

Here are a supply of prizes, a parade of hard working oils consultants, and a Youth Choir providing the closing songs.  It was a solid three days of instruction for those like me, who are not always brimming with good business sense.




Next, I will close with scenes from visits to Temple Square and Utah’s own Capitol Hill.