The Shadow Knows


February 13, 2018, Prescott- 

There was a radio show, in the days of my parents’ youth, wherein the narrator intoned, “Who knows what evil  lurks in the hearts of men?  The Shadow knows!”

The Shadow seems to be quite active, of late.  Human predators, and others of flawed character, are being regularly exposed, in keeping with several prophecies that all say, essentially, “In the Last Days, all that is dark shall be brought to light.”

The collective early Spring cleaning has lapped at my feet, in the form of my briefly-engaged business coach being sidelined by a Federal investigation.  In the long run, there is no harm, no foul- at least in my personal case, though I am astonished at the terror that must be going through the hearts and minds of those who have invested in the enterprise, far beyond the level of “coachee” (my term).  Therein, the name  Ponzi comes to mind.  I personally hope the operators of said system are vindicated, though my money and I will not stick around to see it happen.

Another online friend commented, with regard to our sitting President, that he would  not likely entertain a visit from the Head of a third-world nation.  Actually, a few such leaders have visited the White House, since January 20, 2017.  I await the progress of this Administration, especially following the recent Spring cleaning there.  The biggest question: “Do people uniformly move on, from their past transgressions, once those have been brought to light?”  Uniformly, probably not; but I can speak to my own case: Yes, I have done so, and am moving on, with the full recognition that anyone ever wronged by me can still ask for further atonement and recompense.

The Shadow is always around.



Five Still Standing


December 7, 2016, Prescott-

Seventy-five years have passed.

It was the second attack by foreign military

on U.S. soil, in our nation’s history.

A third would follow, fifty-seven years later.

By then, many had forgotten

the bloody sacrifice,

which again jarred our sense

of innocence.

This was as it had been before.

Those who remembered the White House burning,

were few and far between,

when the bodies fell

like cord-wood, at Antietam and Shiloh.

The Great War was witnessed by a few old soldiers,

who had served under Grant and Lee.

When the planes hit the Towers,

Pearl Harbor was a footnote,

in the rush to the House of Gifts.

How swiftly we deny,

and then forget.

Seventy-five years have gone by

and five still stand,

in remembrance of

that day,

when they were young

and no longer innocent.

(The five are the remaining survivors of the attack on the USS Arizona, at Pearl Harbor, in 1941.)