Adam vs. The Man

I had a chance to view this broadcast, online yesterday.  ‘Adam’ promises to be a regular feature on Real Truth network.  The host is a veteran of the Iraq War, and considers himself a Libertarian- neither “right” nor “left”, thus reserving the prerogative of calling out the self-appointed experts of both ideological poles, and those in-between.

He regards everyone from Barack Obama to Sean Hannity as being full of hot air, and has no use for social icons, such as Bill Clinton and Bill O’Reilly.  Adam seems more of a down-to-Earth, let’s have a drink together kind of guy, but is deadly serious about the need for a more intensely people-centered system of government.  He refers to his concept as “Love-olution”.  It is, so far, short on specifics (surprised?) and long on name-calling (SHOCKED?).

Here in righteous land, I will be addressing social and cultural issues, specifically, one at a time.  As with yesterday’s post, “Who Owes Whom?”, I want to be focused on these things, avoid platitudes and not seem dreamy-eyed.  It didn’t work in the ’60’s, and won’t now.

I believe in the power of Millennials (born 1980-1998) and “Generation Wired” (born 1999-present) to act more cohesively, and less self-centered than those who came before them.  They have had plenty of training in attention to detail, even to minutiae, on a minute-by-minute basis.  What is needed along with this skill, however, is patience.  The idea of processes versus events does not come easy to those raised in an age of instantaneous communication and problem-solving,.  The notion of overcoming setbacks comes hard to many who have been raised in a climate of political correctness and inviolable self-esteem.  Hard Knocks is an alien concept, for those raised to act entitled.

So, my challenge to the young Libertarians is this:  Develop a Five-Year Plan, a Ten-Year Plan, for the “Love-olution”.  My son, a young conservative, has lots of ideas for building a society based on empowerment, group cohesion and good, old-fashioned elbow grease.  He is learning patience; learning that a setback or delay does NOT mean, instantly, that someone or some “They” must be to blame.  Put together the best qualities of the rising generations and of those who came before them, and we will actually see a global civilization based on love and harmony, rather than tyranny and division.

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