Who Owes Whom?

The Arizona Senate, in its “wisdom”, is actively considering a bill which would require anyone whose mortgage is foreclosed, or whose house is transferred by short sale, to reimburse the lender for any amount over  the sum recouped by said bank. It is said by the bill’s author that this is necessary, in order to not cheat the small investors whom the bank represents. I am among those who are currently short-selling a house.  My mortgage payments went adrift when my late wife and I were dealing with her failing health, and the peripheral expenses that come with day to day living.  We went through bankruptcy, put the house up for short sale, and began waiting.  She passed away ten months ago.  I am still waiting, still in the process, with help from a competent real estate agent. As I stated in an earlier post, I am anticipating being asked to make amends for the difference between the short sale price and the actual mortgage, in the event this bill passes and is signed into law.  I am not a gold-digger, or a leech, and so will work with the “small investors”, as the law requires. I do have a couple of questions, though. 1.  In 2009, the Obama Administration released billions of dollars to several large banks, my mortgage holder among them.  This was to- HELP THE BANKS RECOUP THEIR MORTGAGE LOSSES!  It must have been a drop in the bucket, because now, people are running to their conservative, “Tea Party” politicians, saying they are losing millions of dollars to the feckless, irresponsible foreclosees.  Where did all the money go? 2.  Much of the overage, which State Senator Jack Harper and others want to see come out of our pockets, is due to interest charged at a rate well above 12% APR.    Time was, such an interest rate was usury, forbidden by law as exorbitant.  The question begs answering: How much money does any individual, any corporation, really NEED? I know what many people WANT- as much as they can get!  What do they NEED? Maybe I will hear from thoughtful people about this, instead of the current-“The crazy pinko liberals want to destroy capitalism”.  It was the liberals who gave the banks their 2009 bailouts.  The liberals (I’m NOT one of them, by the way) are not the problem here.

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