The Dells in My Backyard

I am going to translate a photo blog from Xanga, of a natural area near my home.  It is a western segment of Granite Dells, large boulder formations along the valleys of Willow Creek and Granite Creek, on the northern tier of Prescott, AZ.  The Dells extend south, almost to downtown Prescott, west to near Granite Mountain, which predates the Dells by about a million years, north to near the city’s boundary with Chino Valley and east to near Glassford Hill.

I’ve been to most parts of this amazing range of granite boulders.  The area shown below is largely in private hands, and is not on the usual hiker’s route, although cyclists are fond of the Pleasant Valley Drive route, on the south rim of Willow Creek Canyon.

As the weather is much improved here this week, I thought to venture outside and go somewhere which didn’t require use of the car. Between my house and downtown, there lies a segment of Granite Dells which I had not yet explored.  So, off we went, the pink Kodak digital and I.

Here’s the view, once past my back gate.

This great pasture extends from our lot to Willow Creek.

The clientele aren’t impressed by the pasture.

Here is the dry bed of Willow Creek.

Nevertheless, a bridge goes over it, just in case.

To the north, lies Pioneer Park.

Here are several shots of the Dells, in the area of Willow Creek Canyon.




At the end of the public road, there was the Yellow Brick Road, with no Munchkins,

but a playful puppy.


The puppy really didn’t want to be photographed.

Going back, I focused my attention a bit more on the short, but scenic Willow Creek Canyon.



Lastly, a lone sapling asked:  “Who did this to me?”

There is much to astonish, out one’s back gate!

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