Who’s In Charge?

I know for sure that the election season has started.  The crazies are trotting out the rumours of Obama being a Muslim (“One of his college classmates even said so!”), wanting to be President-for-Life (That’s one way to lower one’s life expectancy.) and of both Romney and Obama being handpicked by the Club for Growth (Wowabunga!)

People don’t seem to have a hold on their senses, when it comes to dealing with other people or institutions in which a great deal of power is invested, by statute.

In reality, though, those same people who fear “the powerful”, “the rich”. “the liberals”, “the conservatives”, “the Christians”, “the atheists” are not exactly being proactive when it comes to exercising their own power.  Each of us is given strength in at least one key area.  Another writer in Word Press pointed out this morning that we are learning about ourselves, and growing, throughout our lives.  I am still finding out things about myself, at the age of 61.

Today, I was challenged by one reader on another blog site, regarding my Faith.  I was also threatened by another reader on that same blog site, also for mentioning my Faith.  In neither case did I insult or denigrate the other person’s beliefs.  Each of us is responsible for, in charge of, learning the truth for ourselves.

So often, of late, we see people of limited self-awareness and excessive sense of entitlement, imposing themselves into the lives of others.  Ironically,  the post in which I was threatened was written by a friend, who was making that same point.

An example of the above is about to occur on the tiny Dutch-owned Caribbean island of  St. Maarten.  A young woman, with the approval of the Dutch government, set sail alone some two years ago, and has sailed nearly around the world.  As she makes ready to land at St. Maarten and complete her mission, there is word that a grandstanding Dutch school official    plans to have her arrested upon docking, for not keeping up with her studies to his satisfaction, while on her journey.  This has had the effect of causing the young woman, who has bothered no one, to want nothing further to do with the land of her forebears.  She has hinted strongly that she will move elsewhere, to the land where she was actually born.

Who’s in charge?  It seems each person needs to approach this carefully.  There are too many of us, coming from too many backgrounds, with too many genetic makeups, for a “One size must fit all” take on life.  Perhaps the overriding theme of this century will actually be “The Death Throes and Demise of Fundamentalism”.

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