Day Three of Three, in Valle del Sol

  • There were lots of boulders, going up, though.  I woke around 6:30 and went back and forth as to whether to do yet another hike.  Camelback Mountain still awaited, and a hot soak in the tub at Premier Inn convinced me it need not wait much longer.  The key would be whether there was a parking spot at Echo Canyon.

    So, after a light breakfast of oatmeal, toast, OJ and coffee, I upgraded my cell phone (still just talk and text- I like my Internet sitting down) and dropped off my tax forms, then headed over to Echo Canyon.  There was one space- my sign from above!

    Echo Canyon Trail is notorious for people going off trail, getting stuck and making the nightly news.  I was not going to be among them.

    The jaunt featured, as I said earlier, lots of boulders, a few railings and an amazing number of hiking companions, for a Monday.  Here are several shots of the day- the whole collection may be found in the “Phoenix Mountain Hikes” album.







    Me vs. my vertigo.

    After this third beautiful day in the semi-urban wilderness, I stopped at Arizona Memorial Cemetery and placed a Valentine’s bouquet at Penny’s resting place.  I know she loves the red roses, baby’s breath and fern fronds in the vase- even in the Spirit Realm.

    Since I had enjoyed lunch on the way down at Rock Springs Cafe, in Black Canyon City, dinner was at Roadrunner Restaurant, in BCC’s cross-county line neighbour, New River.  Both eateries are worth a visit.


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