St. Valentine’s Day, 2012

Valentinus, Bishop of Terni, was executed by Emperor Claudius II for marrying couples in the Christian rite.

His life became the impetus for married people to take a day and reaffirm their love, at least once a year.  Hallmark Cards, in modern times, has tried to institutionalize the process, with considerable financial success.

In a real marriage, one that endures, love is reaffirmed EVERY DAY.  I know this from personal experience.  Anyone who argues otherwise is entitled to their opinion, but need not be surprised if rough spots surface, increasingly, as the gaps between reaffirmations of love increase in number.

I decided to spend my first solo Valentine’s Day in 31 years ruminating.  “What should a day of celebrating love actually mean?”

Here is what came to mind:

. Love transcends the physical.

. Love is not imposed or arranged.

. Love is not grounds for guilt.

. Love is not lust.

. Love has a place in everyone’s life.

. Love can be boundless.

. Love cannot be destroyed, if it’s unconditional.

. Love cannot endure, unless it’s unconditional.

. Love is the basis for all life.

As recently as this afternoon, someone was telling me that if I didn’t fall in love with her friend, I would be ignoring the friend’s many good virtues.  That’s not how it works, and it is not a simple matter, as the woman seems to think, of my being picky. Love is not imposed or arranged.  Love is not grounds for guilt.

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