Boulder’s Chautauqua Park (May 12, 2012)

I met my friend, @BoulderChristina, on Saturday morning, looking for a cafe that appears to have relocated.  We enjoyed breakfast at North Boulder Cafe instead, and it was perfect.  Then it was time to get her dog, Salem, and ourselves up on one of this magical city’s many trails.  Mesa Trail, in Chautauqua Park, was selected.  It was training time for Salem, and conditioning time for each of us.  

The day was overcast, but it didn’t stop anyone, including us, from getting up into the foothills of the Front Range.  Christina says it gets brown here in mid-summer, and I have seen it so, in nearby Aurora in July.  Now, though, the Rockies are glorious green.


I got along well with the big baby Shepherd, but I’m used to large dogs- having owned two Rottweilers and having been on the best of terms with my in-laws’ late Rhodesian Ridgeback- Great Dane mix.

The morning was awesome and I can see myself someday walking much, if not all, of the 500-mile Colorado Trail- along with a few others.  That will wait a few years, though.  I still have a few things to which I must tend.

2 thoughts on “Boulder’s Chautauqua Park (May 12, 2012)

  1. Beautiful place. Tell me some time about the spiritual aspect of the trip, if it’s anything you’d care to share. A place as beautiful as that, with nature surrounding you…I imagine some of your thoughts had to have drifted above the mundane of the everyday. You’ve seen so much of the country, from the ocean to the desert to the majesty of the mountains and those incredible flat lands…I wonder where your favorite is, or if it’s possible to have a favorite. I imagine each place you visit has something about it that makes it special. Do you keep a personal journal of your travels? I imagine many thoughts must fill your mind as you move from place to place and meet your friends along the way, overcome obstacles, have time in solitude on those many miles on the road. I do envy you, Gary. I think sometime I need to take a pilgrimage of sorts, go out on my own and see where the road leads me. Anyway. What amazing places you are seeing. Thank you for sharing your adventures.


    • I find places like Sedona, Mesa Verde, the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, Boulder and Palo Duro Canyon are very high on my list of spiritually-charged “vortices”. This list is bound to increase, as I get to new locales. I am enjoying the relatively low-elevation riparian areas of Texas. Will be back in the high country next week.


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