Niwot and More Boulder Hikes (May 14, 2012)

This past Monday was the last full Denver area day, for this trip.  I went to visit my Uncle George, whom some of you may remember from last May, at his apartment in Longmont.  The year has slowed his gait, but not his mind.  He took me over to Niwot (Arapaho for “Left hand”), which lies halfway between Longmont and Boulder.  There, we enjoyed seeing a pair of carvings- created from dead trees along the side of the main drag.    Mr. Eddie Running Wolf, Arapaho artist, is the man behind this extraordinary display.

Mr. Running Wolf has not decided yet what he will carve on the remaining stump, or what he might place in the spots on either side of “The Eagle Catcher” or “spear lodge Man”.  Whatever his inspiration brings about, it is sure to convey the dignity and strength of the Arapaho Nation.  BTW, Niwot is named for the Arapaho chief Niwot (“Left Hand”).  After this, Uncle George and I went to lunch at Garden Gate Cafe, in a mall just north of the display.  It’s one of three eateries in Niwot that draw a good-sized crowd. I enjoyed both the Cuban sandwich with a side of slaw, and a gratuitous roast beef with fries, that the server thought I wanted, for some reason.  If you ever get up that way, though, Garden Gate is a satisfying breakfast/lunch spot.

After bidding my uncle adieu, I went over to Boulder, and enjoyed a walk with@BoulderChristina, along Marshall Mesa, plus a quick jaunt down to El Dorado State Park, which is now on the Colorado segment of my bucket list- for the next visit.  I will show photos of both, once I get them from my “Little Sis”.winky

HIGHLIGHT: The Niwot Sculptures

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