Texas, Day 3- Part 2: Fort Worth Downtown and Way Uptown

Understanding a city like Fort Worth takes a good dose of meat- lovin’.  I imagine it’d be hard to be a vegan and live here, though I’m sure there are plenty who do.  I am one who likes a balanced diet, so some meat in a day is a good thing, in my view.

I spent about forty minutes on Saturday and an hour or so today, walking around Fort Worth’s downtown, before heading up to the city’s heart:  The North Side.

As I mentioned earlier, when cattlemen build something, it’s meant to last.  Here are Tarrant County’s Administration Building, and a few other shots of downtown Fort Worth.


This is where the Fort Worth Colts (baseball team) play, or so I’m told.


Downtown has a mix of Victorian, Art Deco and Modern architectural styles.


Now, the fun part- the Stockyards District!


Here is one of several Barbecue choices on the North Side:  Cooper’s.   It’s a large open bay with long tables.  Pick out your meat and choice of sauces, jalapeno or “regular’, then go on to the carbs area- baked potato, potato salad, corn on the cob, etc, then get a drink cup and settle up at the register.  After that, “set down” and dig in!  Oh, there’s cobbler, but you have to practically beg the girl at the carbs area for a piece.  She might not think you need it.  Some customers pitch a fit if you leave your tray after eating, but there is a busperson, so ignore them, and let him do his job.  It’s all good.

There are still a few head of cattle left in the pens.


I walked up into and along the pens and came out here, where the animals obligingly dare you to try and pet them.  Warning signs dissuade most everyone, including me.


There was a good crowd on the streets south of the pens, reminding me of all the tales told about Old Fort Worth.



This is, of course, the Livestock Exchange.  As I walked around, I noticed a few more BBQ choices, for those who like table service.  One is Riscky’s Steakhouse (Yep, that’s the spelling).  Another is Cattlemen’s.



After one has eaten, it’s time for a show.  Billy Bob’s Texas has it covered!


There’s more than enough in the North Side to keep a passel of kids entertained, for days.  I will be back here, some day.  It was time, though, to head a bit west, to the Cultural District, and Log Cabin Village.

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