Texas, Day 3- Part 1: Cleburne

This little town, about thirty miles south of Fort Worth, housed me on Saturday night.  There never needs to be all that much going on in my life at night, unless I am in the middle of a happenin’ place.  As it was, I needed some p & q, to get my thoughts organized, so Traveler’s Inn, another Mom & Pop Indian place, was perfect. I had considered Liberty Hotel, Cleburne’s centerpiece, but that’ll be for another visit, where my itinerary is not as broad.  I may be passing through next August or September  (2013), though, coming back from the northeast-so that would work. On Sunday morning, I had breakfast at another Cleburne institution, Chaf-Inn (Pronounced “chayf”).  In keeping with my diner-oriented spirit, I sat at the counter, though Chaf-Inn is a few cuts above a diner.


I later had the pleasure of meeting a friend from another blog site.  This is J.


I had a full afternoon ahead of me in Fort Worth- downtown, the North Side and Log Cabin Village, so I spent just another small bit of time looking around lovely little Cleburne.  I never did find the “Indian Village” J was talking about, but maybe next time out.

Here is the Johnson County Courthouse.


When cattlemen built a public structure, in the days of the Big Drives, it was meant to last a while.

In Part 2,  we head downtown and to the North Side of Fort Worth.

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