Texas, Day 5, Part 2: Johnson City to Luckenbach

The area just southwest of Pedernales Falls is now largely wine country.  Once sleepy Johnson City and Stonewall can now command a cool $100 per night for a bed and breakfast, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, as urban Texans escape their heat islands.  I met a docent at a museum in San Antonio who can’t wait to retire, to Stonewall, in two years’ time.

Johnson City is predictably irreverent, signifying the Hill Country’s demeanour.  This is the Pigs Do Fly Store.


In midweek, during the school year, it’s still a wide spot in the road.


I had started the morning a bit bleary-eyed, hopping on over to  Speedy Stop for coffee on Tuesday morning (5/22), and grabbing a copy of the San Antonio  Express-News.    I had the paper folded under my arm, setting the coffee down on the counter, and the clerk rang up only the coffee.  When I got back to the motel, I realized my error and went back next door, and gave her a dollar for the overlooked newspaper.  No security guards, no sheriff, just “Thanks, hon, for bein’ honest.”

After playing a while at Pedernales Falls, with a clear conscience, I headed down 281 towards Luckenbach.  The place is only open during the weekends, so I had to content myself with  a photo shoot of the area, and never did get lunch that day.  Tuesday is a day off for the cafe in Stonewall.  The Quiznos sandwich in San Antonio tasted all the sweeter that night, but as my father-in-law says, “That’s a horse of another garage.”

Luckenbach doesn’t have Willie around very often, and Waylon’s watching us from a different vantage point, but I don’t think too many in Luckenbach are feeling pain, at least on weekends.

Here are some photos of a Texas outdoor arts mecca.



Hondo’s is ready to quench thirsts, even during the week.


One may also mail letters and parcels in Luckenbach.

8177455560_a6dacd65f2_m (1)

Weekends, horses and chow hounds alike can enjoy good eating.


Of course, Luckenbach is a great place for a picnic.


Texans the world over can be assured of a great old time in the heart of the hills.

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