Texas,Day 5, Part 1: Pedernales Falls State Park

Now I got to experience a bit of Texas’ other wild side.  I had no idea what to expect when I got to Pedernales Falls, except that there would be more bus loads of kids, which, as I said earlier, suits me just fine.


The bucolic nature of Johnson City gave me a sense of peace and dignity that one looses in even the finest of cities.  It’s no wonder such a hyperactive man as Lyndon Baines Johnson could actually clear his head here.


I was greeted by the wildflowers which so inspired Lady Bird.


The broad reach of the Texas Hills dispels the myth of “Big Flat’.


I set off down this path, towards the wonderland created by wind and water.


This is what brought peace to one of the  most tortured minds of the Twentieth Century.

I will let the following photo montage speak for itself.

8177523438_a1dbe44b47_m (1)






The limestone does get quite slippery for us humans, but flowering plants know how to get a grip.


Never doubt, though, the power of water to dig its own hole.


By the time I got to the Falls area, the high school kids were on their way back to the buses.  So, I had Mother Nature’s energy pretty much to myself.  It’s days like this that kept me on track with my overall purpose of showing the real beauty of Texas to that portion of the world that shares my life.

Next, Johnson City and Luckenbach.

This sweet morning set me to thinking about replenishing my own beach wear.  That would be done later, in South Padre Island.

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