Before diving into my recent visit to San Juan Capistrano, I need to reflect a bit on my blessings at this stage of life.  A few days ago, I met a few people whom I will henceforth regard as dear friends. I left at least one of them with a sense of puzzlement, as to what sort of person I am, and for what I stand in life.  So, for her, and anyone else who is a bit uncertain, these are nine things that mean everything to me.

1.  No one can know the true nature of God.  I just know He is in all things, yet above all things.

2.  Every person has value, and that value is unique to that person.

3.  I had thirty beautiful years with the person who gave me the best of everything in her life.

4.  I have the honour of calling a fine young man “son”.

5.  I am blessed with so many loving family members and friends, I could not possibly dwell on the negative.

6.  Marriage is among the most sacred of bonds.  Unless that sacred nature is fully understood and respected by one and all, there can be no real bond between people.

7.  I am far from perfect.  Some people, right up through last night, have seen my flaws.  My flaws, though, do not define me.  My task is to transcend them.

8.  I love all people, and while I am, at present, “in love with” no one, I will always work towards the best interests that I perceive for each person in my life.

9.  I am on a journey of discovery. Sometimes that involves physical travel.  Other times, as at this moment, my discoveries may be done by reflection.

So, to all my dear family and friends, know that you are, each and all, among the greatest blessings God could ever bestow on me.  I think of my friend Andreas, in London; of Ruth and TD in Washington State;  of two dear young ladies, both named Chelsea, who are like daughters to me; of my spirit brother Ted, on his own road of discovery; of my brother Glenn, who just celebrated the 52nd anniversary of the start of his amazing life, and his dear wife and wonderful family; of my siblings Cheryl and Dave, and their beautiful families; of my mother, keeping a distant watch over me, after giving my upbringing the best anyone could ask; of my own beloved son, now serving our country and humanity; of my forever in-laws; of all my Baha’i family here in the Prescott area, in Phoenix, in Dinetah and the world over; of my online family, in Xanga, Facebook and WordPress and of those new friends I met this weekend- Mike B., Jeff, Ed W., Bijan, Amy H., Marta (and Peter, who I know was with us in spirit).

I can’t promise that I will be on top of the world, financially or in public esteem, but I can assure one and all that my life will never be for naught.

3 thoughts on “Crossroads

    • Sometimes I won’t comment on what seems to be a personal reflection. The words “sacred bond” are standing out to me…some words hit me lately, and I am holding them close to see what meanings they have for me personally. We are all on journeys of discovery. I don’t think we should get upset by the path another takes or how life experiences affect them..yet sometimes we seem to want to measure another by our own ruler, our own idea of what the path should look like. I think you do a good job of being you, no matter what anyone else has to say. You manage to stay true to yourself and your beliefs. I enjoy watching your journey, for there is usually something I can take away that will help me on mine. Thank you for being so open and honest.


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