Prescott’s Centennial Trail- The Southern Spur

Yesterday, I hiked two miles, round trip on Prescott’s newest trail- The Centennial Trail, which runs along a limestone boulder field south of Thumb Butte and west of uptown Prescott.  I took the southern spur, which gives views of the Bradshaw Mountains, Miller Valley and downtown.About 1/4 mile along, one comes to this wooden bridge.

The following are some noteworthy limestone fields heading up to the overlook.

At the top of the South Spur, one may view midtown, just across Miller Valley and the Bradshaws,to the southeast.

The most visible building above is Yavapai Medical Center- Prescott Campus.

Off to the west, just past the overlook, below, there is a formation that somewhat resembles the Sphinx.

There was not a whole lot of water flowing, but the stream which is crossed by the trail is the North Fork of Miller Creek, which is not swiftly flowing, even in the wettest of seasons.

Next up:  The Northern Spur of Centennial Trail.

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