My Leibster Award nomination

I have been nominated by CherokeeWriter for the Leibster Award.  As my end of the deal, I am stating 11 things about myself, answering her 11 questions and nominating 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers, at least to my knowledge.

11 Things about myself:

1.  I am of  French, German, Penobscot Indian, English, Irish and Polish descent.

2.  I was widowed nearly two years ago.

3.  I feel my wife’s spirit is always with me.

4.  I am equally at home in city and countryside.

5.  I  share a birth date with Ed Harris.

6.  I am one of 13 people with my first and last name, in the entire planet.

7.  I enjoy sharing my life with many others.

8.  I am growing stronger every day.

9.  I don’t believe in aging, only in growing closer to the Light.

10.  My glass is half full.

11.  I can speak a smattering of a few languages, but I can understand a person’s heart.

CherokeeWriter’s questions:

. What is your favorite book and why?

Les Miserables.  It pinpoints and deeply delves into the human condition, looking at both sides of an all-too-common situation.

2. Pie or cake?

Pie- Apple, Blueberry or Pecan

3. Why did you start blogging?

I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with the wider world.

4. What is your favorite fantasy creature?

The Phoenix, because it dusts itself off and keeps on going.

5. Do you have any pets? If not, do you want any pets?

I have no pets at present.  I could not do a pet justice, right now.

6. Would you like to see a woman become President?


7. What is your favorite food?


8. Do you believe in true love?

Absolutely.  I experience it, even now.

9. What was the last movie you saw in the theater?


10. Who are some of your favorite singers?

Joan Baez, Red Grammer, Smith and Dragoman, Gregory and the Hawk, Pink (Yes, THAT Pink).

11. Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?

Dennis Quaid (though he’s a lot buffer than I).

Now, my questions for my nominees:

1.  Who do you regard as a worthy role model?

2.  Why do you blog?

3.  Which do you like better- a noisy, happy party or a quiet spot in the countryside?

4.  Dogs or cats?

5.  What is your favourite beverage?

6.  Is the Lottery a good thing?

7.  What brings about happiness?

8.  Who is the greatest author of all time?  Why?

9.  Do you think love can be eternal?

10.  Ocean or mountains?

11.  What has been your happiest moment, so far?

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