July 12-13, 2013

I found my old friends’ homestead with relative ease, on Friday morning.  I had not been out to the community of Dinnebito (“Peoples’ Water”) in 21 years.  It was therefore a blessing, when I received instructions on using a back way, that did not require going up and down what is little more than a jeep track over rocks.  I stayed for two hours, enjoying talk on a variety of topics, from life in the South (First daughter is married and lives most of the year in Alabama) to the unruliness of some sheep.


After a simple, well-prepared lunch, courtesy of a visiting family from Oklahoma, I left my friends and headed northeast.  The terrain of the Colorado Plateau, on the Navajo nation varies from sage and juniper-covered mountains to red sandstone formations, such as Round Rock and Castle Rock.


SAM_5189    SAM_5190

I made it past Four Corners, where Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico meet at a single point.  Just on the New Mexico side of the line, an oil tanker truck had overturned, leading to a serious mess.  Fortunately, it seemed the driver had escaped serious injury.

I stopped at Mancos, having dinner at Grand Cafe, and photographing a double rainbow.                                                               SAM_5194SAM_5192           SAM_5194

After a much-needed night’s sleep, I got up at 5:30 AM, learned a friend’s situation that had been causing me consternation had been eased somewhat, and headed on up the road.  A good breakfast at Junction Restaurant, in Pagosa Springs, CO led me to reflect that our young waitresses do try hard to make their patrons’ meals worthwhile.  Both Brier, at Grand Cafe, Mancos and Kayla at the Junction were attentive and a joy to be around.  I think I will continue “shoutouts” to people who work hard at this job that is not always so rewarding.

I had a pleasant drive through the spine of the Rockies, over Wolf Creek Pass, to Del Norte and then up Rte. 285, the “Gunshot”, which connects southern Colorado most directly with Denver.  As today, I was able to enjoy relatively clear skies, I got some views of La Garita Range and the Collegiate Peaks, near Buena (pronounced “Beoona”) Vista.


SAM_5200        SAM_5202                                                 SAM_5201

I arrived in Northglenn in plenty of time to rest before my sisters-in-law were guests of honour at their *** birthday party.  About twenty five guests made it a lively and enjoyable evening.  Now, it’s time for bed, just about.

SAM_5208       SAM_5215

SAM_5220      SAM_5222

19 thoughts on “July 12-13, 2013

  1. The photos are wonderful. The trip sounds like you have so many friends, especially on the Res, that you do good wherever you go.


  2. We were in Pagosa Springs at the end of May. It’s a beautiful town and we also found the people there very pleasant and helpful. We were more tourist than just passing thru.


    • My son and I spent time at the hot springs there, two years ago, and walked all over the town. I like to stop and spend at least an hour in one of the towns west of Wolf Creek- Cortez, Mancos, Durango and Pagosa, as well as time in Del Norte, east of the pass, whenever I head between Prescott and Denver. It’s a fascinating area, for sure.


  3. You had a good drive to see everyone. I love the scenic views and pictures as well as the photos of the Birthday dinner. It is fantastic, and I love how you really go and enjoy yourself.


      • Glad you feel blessed, Gary! It sounds like a great place to be. I’d love to be in a place where there’s a spiritual energy around it. Hope you’re having a good night! 🙂


      • I had a great night, Sandra, and have generally been happy this trip, learning a lot about myself and the dynamics of relationships- things which I had forgotten, over the period of thirty years spent with one other person.


      • Glad you had a great night and are happy learning about yourself. I’ve yet to take a huge step forward to learn who I really am and my place in this world. I just don’t really wanna do it on my own. You’re such an interesting person! I’ve enjoyed learning things from you and about you. God Bess! 🙂


  4. Beautiful shot of the rainbow over the land. I can’t remember the last time I saw a rainbow! You’re blessed to have so many friends and family scattered across the nation. Safe travels, Gary.


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